About Us

Little Noni Batik is owned by a mother with one cute little daughter. We provides stylish, unique and comfortable batik wear for children with modern twist. The idea started when she found it difficult to find modern but comfortable batik clothing for her own sweetheart. 

Batik is a traditional fabric produced in Indonesia. Little Noni Batik only uses handmade batik, either hand stamp or hand drawing batik. Therefore, each pattern and color might look a bit different from the other, which added to its uniqueness.

Little Noni Batik is aimed for those little girls (or Noni in Dutch language) who loves fashion and comfort at the same time. Our design uses combination of many materials aside from batik, to give it the unique and modern twist. Every clothing is crafted with attention to detail, fine material, and lots of love.

I hope you enjoy our collection.